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Names on our Cenotaph

The cenotaph is located in Memorial Peace Park just off of 224 Street in Maple Ridge, BC. It commemorates the war dead from WWI and WW2 for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.

Maple Ridge includes the communities of Albion, Port Hammond, Port Haney, Ruskin, Webster's Corners, Whonnock and Yennadon.

Updated: February 18, 2017
To locate copies of service records for WWI soldiers go to Service Files of the First World War

To obtain copies of service record for soldiers who died during WW2 go to Service Files of the Second World War - War Dead

To view the Veterans' Affairs Commemoration for WWI soldiers to go Canadian Virtual War Memorial

To view photos of soldiers from Maple Ridge, check out Wartime Memories from the Maple Ridge Community Archives at Flickr.

Please note that this page is a work-in-progress. Click on the images to read the names on the cenotaph. If you have any information about a soldier listed on the Maple Ridge cenotaph, please contact the Maple Ridge Museum and Community Archives at .

WWI 1914-1918

Charles Percy BLAKE, 1891-1916
Regimental # 629549
Son of Robert Blake and Effie Boyd of Yennadon, BC. Buried at Aldershott Military Cemetery in Hampshire, England.
Click here to view the Memorial Plaque issued to the Blake family.

Leo BUCHANAN, 1885-1916
Regimental # 899; Lieutenant

J CAMPBELL, Regimental #

Harry Louis Walter CARTER, 1886-1917
Regimental # 790236

Roy CROMARTY,(aka  Sam Roy GARNER ), 1883-1917
Regimental # 790949 & 646125,
To read Whonnock historian Fred Braches' excellent article about Sam Garner/Roy Cromarty click here .

Hugh Scott DAVIE, 1886-1918
Regimental # 500192

William Maurice DAVIN, 1893-1917
Regimental # 629592

G DICKINSON, Regimental #

Robert FLETCHER, 1876-1917
Regimental # 464538

Horace Gilbert FRASER, 1895-1918
Regimental # 129907

Leacroft Howard FREER, 1884-1915
Regimental # 5089

Reginald George GOFFIN, 1895-1918
Regimental # 75917 Lieutenant
Son of Benjamin and Lizzie R. Goffin, of Port Haney, BC.
Click here to view a photo of him at Flickr (far left)
Click here to read about him in the British Columbian newspaper
Reg's brother Arthur is also listed on the cenotaph. He died in Point Grey (Vancouver) after the war.

L GRIFFIN, Regimental #

Arthur Norman HACKNEY, 1880-1918
Regimental # 2030304

Charles Edward Russell HALL (E HALL), 1896-1918
Regimental # 50486
Click here to read about him in the British Columbian newspaper

James Henry HAMPTON, 1897-1918
Regimental # 628701

Son of William and Amanda Hampton, of Hammond, BC.
Click here to view a photo of him at Flickr.

Robert Hugh HARRIS, c1877-1916
Duke of Wellington, West Riding Regiment
WWI Medal Card from British Archives

Fred HART, 1894-1917
Regimental #183488
Son of George Hart of Port Hammond, BC.
He died of Tuberculosis in Hamilton, Ontario.


Albert Robert KENDRICK, 1893-1916
Regimental # 75502

Thomas Henry LAITY, 1894-1917
Regimental # 790712
Son of John Henry Laity and Mary Jane Pope, of Port Hammond, BC.
His cousins John Oxnam and John Pope also died during WWI.

Wilfred John MACKRETH (MACKREATH), 1891-1918
Regimental # 463326

Edwin Arnold MCVEETY, 1886-1916
Regimental # 75509
Son of William and Mary McVeety, of Port Haney, BC.
Click here to view a photo of him at Flickr.

Frank Leslie MCWHINNIE, 1894-1918
Regimental # 75995
Click here to view a photo of him at Flickr.

Thomas Gordon NEWITT, 1896-1918
Regimental # 790340 (Lieutenant)
Son of Walter and Emma Newitt of Port Haney, BC.
Click here to view photo from the British Columbian newspaper
Thomas Gordon Newitt was awarded a MC and MM for his actions during WWI. Here are the details for his entries in the London Gazette:
Issue 31480, 29 July 1919, page 9795 citation for MM
Issue 30573, 12 March 1918, page 3252 for MM
Issue 31183, 14 February 1919, page 2383 for MC 


John OXNAM, 1897-1916
Regimental # 629559
Click here to read about him and view his photo in the British Columbian newspaper
His cousins John Pope and Thomas Henry Laity also died during WWI.

Stanley Carpenter PARKER, 1897-1918
Regimental # 2137934
Son of Ebenezer Thomas and Anna Marie Parker, of Ruskin, BC.

Peter John PATERSON, 1896-1917
Regimental # 428752
Click here to read about his death in the British Columbian newspaper and here to view a photo of him.
Peter Paterson was awarded a MM during WWI. Here is the details for his entry from the London Gazette: Issue 29873, 19 December 1916, Page 12448

John Arnold POPE, 1891-1916
Regimental # 628702
He was the son of Chief Constable Edmund Pope and Eleanor Laity of Port Hammond, BC; husband of Effie Mae (nee Anderson).
Click here to read the first part of a newspaper clipping about him in the British Columbian newspaper and here for the remainder of it, which also includes his photo.
His cousins Thomas Henry Laity and John Oxnam also died during the war.

Clifford Edward POWERS, 1897-1919
Regimental # 629561


Alfred SORENSEN (SORENSON), 1895-1917
Regimental # 294372
Son of Andrew E. and Sebina E. Sorensen, of Whonnock, BC.


Walter Gilbert WHALLEY, 1886-1918
Regimental # 463392

Thomas Cripwell WILSON, 1881-1917
Regimental # 464349

Bottom of Cenotaph 1914-1918

Arthur Frederick GOFFIN, 1890-1922
Regimental # 35218
Son of Benjamin and Lizzie R. Goffin, of Port Haney, BC.
Arthur died in Point Grey (Vancouver) after the war. His brother Reginald is also listed on the cenotaph.

Edward BUST, 1885-1917
Regimental # A29515/429515

John William SAYERS, 1895-1917
Regimental # 645154

More names from the side panel - WWI

John Maxwell BECKETT, 1888-1917
Son of E. W. and Mary Beckett, of Haney, BC; husband of Elizabeth Beckett, of 663, Mulvey Avenue, Winnipeg.

Harry Morris BLOIS,
Son of William H. and Mary M. Blois, of Whonnock, BC.

Rupert William EATON,
Son of Mrs. Agnes Eaton, of Yennadon, BC.

John Thomas FINNIE, 1898-1917
Regimental # 234690
Son of James and Mary Ann Finnie, of Port Hammond, BC.

Basil Haviland HERTSLET, c1872-1918
Regimental # 1037141
Son of the late Sir Cecil Hertslet, K.C.B., and Lady Hertslet, of Belle Vue House, Petersham Rd., Richmond, Surrey, England; husband of Helen Annie Hertslet, of Port Haney, BC.

Thomas LITTLE, 1888-1918
Regimental # 2380377
Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Little, of Port Hammond, BC; husband of Gladys Pearl Little, of Whitemouth, MB.


John Donald MCPHERSON, 1897-1917
Regimental # 911412
Son of John and Mabel E. McPherson, of Hammond, BC.

William Dunbar REID, 1894-1917
Regimental # 883731
Son of the Rev. William M. Reid, and Isabella Jane Rae Reid, of Port Haney, BC.

Roland Francis Croasdaile THOMSON (THOMPSON), 1875-1916
Regimental # 629566


Stephen Otto ADAMS,
Service # K49236
Son of Alfred and Irma Melissa Adams of Websters' Corners, BC; husband of Jessie Arulai Adams also of Websters' Corners.

Mervin Clayton BOND, 1923-1944
Service # K100045 RCA
Son of Albert Edward and Edna May Bond of Whonnock, BC.


George FAIRWEATHER, 1910-1943
Service # K29031

Arthur Baker FOSTER,
Service # J22793
Son of Clergyman Alexander Ledgerwood and Janet (nee Porteous) Foster of Port Hammond, BC; husband of Alice Worth Foster of Vancouver.

Peter GATEY, 1920-1944
Service # K100074
Private Gatey has a mountain named after him in Golden Ears Park. See Mount Gatey from BC Geographical Names website. He is also listed on the Saskatchewan War Memorial website: Private Peter Gatey

Edward James HARRIS, 1922-1942
Service # R128563

Robert William HIGGINS, 1924-1945
Service # K499

Olavi Leonard JACKSON, 1915-1944
Service # J25847

Raymond Marinus KREFTING, 1918-1942
Service # J7530

Robert Lloyd MAGEE, 1924-1945
Service # K51268

Gordon K MCKEE, 1916-1943
Service # K52203

John Reid MARTYN, 1918-1943
Service # R133280

Shirley William MORRIS, 1917-1945
Service # J22813

Percy James MOYER, 1905-1944


Mathew James NEILL, 1913-1944
Service # K47474

John PASTOREK, 1921-1943
Service # V46082

Thomas George Frederick ROCK, 1924-1944
Service # K225

Derwood William SMITH, 1905-1944
Service # K48695
He is listed on the Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial website: Derwood William Smith

Eric Edwin STEEN, 1914-1944
Service # K65900

Stewart James Nessfield THIRSK, 1923-1944
Service # K50809

James Robert THOMSON, 1915-1945
Service # K1853


William Alfred WHITE, 1914-1942
Service # J5096

Keith Reginald WILLIAMS, 1920-1944
Service # K47884

Reginald Frank WILLIAMS, c1920-1943
Service # 43262

William J JARVIS, 1922-1944
Service # K46225

More names from side panel - WW2 1939-1945

Gerrard Roy BING, RCAF
Service # J8610/R85405
Son of Gerrald Andrew and Florence Gladys Bing of Port Hammond, BC (formerly Regina, SK). He is listed on the Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial: Gerrald Roy Bing

Virgil John FERNQUIST, 1924-1945

Ralph William FISHER, 1921-1944
Service # M10760
Son of Ralph Palmer and Daisy Beatrice Fisher of Calgary; husband of Phyllis Kathryn Fisher of Haney, BC

James Clark HAY,
Service # V14886

Archie Walker JONES, 1895-1942
Service # R139598
Son of Joseph M. Jones and Margaret Walker; husband of Mariette Jones of Port Hammond, BC.
Archie Jones also served during WWI: Archie Walker Jones
He is commemorated on the Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial Archie Walker Jones

Ivan Lee LAMBRIGHT, 1916-1945
Service # K52816

Robert Arnold Samuel LASSER, 1921-1944
Service # J7477



Franklin Miles MURRAY, 1909-1944
Service # H70574

Benjamin Ernest NORMAN, 1914-1944
Service # K711



Samuel Ferrier SANTY, 1915-1942
Service # R70915

Leonard Allan SCUTT, 1923-1944
Service # J40067


Ross Fraser STEELE, 1920-1944
Service # M2038

Ernest Alfred TAYLOR, 1920-1944
Service # J85317

James Murray WILSON, 1919-1942
Service # R59976

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